This video was filmed by the Forssa Film Office.

  • Clear messaging leads to better profits
  • Clear messaging attracts more customers
  • Clear messaging maintains and improves your business image

NK Lexicon Business Services (NKLBS) is a Finnish company that specialises in the comprehensive editing of English-language company documents and websites, English-language coaching for employees of companies that have abroad markets, editing of English-language patent applications, and giving advice and consultancy in the preparation and submission of English-language business grant applications. In addition, NKLBS offers a full translation service (Finnish to English and English to Finnish) and English-language video narration.

Editing of documents is iterative. After returning an edited document to the client the document is refined in-line with the customer’s feedback, refinement continuing until the client is fully satisfied. This tailored, client-centric approach along with the extensive commercial and academic experience of the founder of NKLBS makes NKLBS unique among English-language service companies in Finland.

NKLBS is based in Jokioinen and is keen to assist businesses in Finland. NKLBS is recommended by Winto Better World Oy, Mainossatama Oy, Jospak Oy, e-Oppi Oy, Suomen Käsityöteollisuuden Oy, Yield Systems Oy, Forssan Yrityskehitys Oy, LHJ Group, DA-Group and the city of Lahti.

Further details and client enquiries can be made by phoning 0458676366, by sending an email message to NKLBS at info@nklbs.com or by using the contact form on this website.

NKLBS is a member of the Häme Chamber of Commerce, Suomen Yrittäjät and Forssan Yrittäjät. An overview of NKLBS' services has been published on Forssan Yrittäjät's Facebook page.